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Founded on April 25th 1963, METALÚRGICA SIEMSEN LTDA began its activities dedicating itself to manufacture water pumps and table top drilling machines. After a while, it began to manufacture washing machines too, and in 1968, started the line of equipments that has been produced up to nowadays, such as: Band Saws and Ice-cream Mixers. In 1972 through a participative administration and constant search for new products, the company became the Brazilian market leader in Food Processing Equipment. This way, METALÚRGICA SIEMSEN LTDA is had as a quality standard reference for Meat Grinders, Food Processors, Industrial Blenders and Electrical Fryers, as well as for the traditional Band Saws and Ice-cream Mixers. In 2001 with the adoption of new products concepts and maintenance of the participative administration the company conquered its competitiveness in the globalized market. Nowadays METALÚRGICA SIEMSEN LTDA is able to offer many product options to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers of Food Processing Equipments.

MARKETS: Metalúrgica Siemsen Ltda has a significant presence in the Brazilian market and through Poli General Importadora e Exportadora Ltda, an associated company has spread its equipments all around the main countries of South, Central and North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: Purchasing METALÚRGICA SIEMSEN LTDA´s equipments the costumers are also taking an important step towards his company success. Along with the product the costumer will also be taking the guarantee of a company that constantly invests to develop new processes and technologies. Some advantages when purchasing SKYMSEN and SKYPAN products can be underlined, like: The company offers efficient Technical Assistance through out the country and abroad. A skilled enginering team is always ready to help with any doubts and questions on the equipments.

Metalúrgica Siemsen Ltda.
Rodovia Ivo Silveira - km 12, nº 9525, Galpão 1 | Bairro: Bateas | CEP: 88355-202
Brusque | Santa Catarina | Brasil
Fone: +55 47 3211 6000 | Fax: +55 47 3211 6020
www.siemsen.com.br | comercial@siemsen.com.br