We research, develop, manufacture and market machines and equipment for food processing. When purchasing SKYMSEN products you will surely be taking an important step towards the success of your business. The quality of SKYMSEN products is the result of constant research and investments made by the Company in the areas of development, processes and personnel. The Company has laboratories to test the durability and functionality of its products, which enables it to obtain worldwide compliance certifications in a short space of time.

For all of this, SKYMSEN has become a national and international reference in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for food processing.

A vast network of Authorized Technical Assistance, with professionals trained and qualified in real time, via SKYMSEN Distance Learning University - USEAD, present throughout the national territory, allows a fast and efficient service in the assistance of SKYMSEN products.



Present in a significant way throughout the national territory, SKYMSEN, through its specialized department of Import and Export, makes its products reach to more than 40 countries, in all continents.

SKYMSEN is present at major national and international fairs such as, FISPAL - Sao Paulo / Brazil, APAS SHOW Sao Paulo / Brazil, HFN Hotel & Food Nordeste Recife / Brazil, NRA - Chicago / USA, HOST - Milan / Italy, GULFHOST - Dubai / United Arab Emirates, among others.

Our Story

Established on April 25th, 1963, SKYMSEN began its activities manufacturing water pumps and bench drills, later, started to manufacture washing machines.


In 1968 SKYMSEN entered the market of equipment for food processing, manufacturing band-saws with application in butcheries besides of manufacturing ice cream mixers.


In the 70's, SKYMSEN positioned itself as a leader in its segment, becoming a reference in the manufacturing of meat grinders, food processors, industrial blenders and electric fryers.


In the early 2000, new concepts of products were adopted by the Company to face the reality of the market that at that time required more economical and versatile products.


Today, SKYMSEN has a wide line of products with modern design and technology. In this context, it is possible to highlight unpublished products such as commercial blenders with seamless cup, the quiet high-speed blenders unique in Brazil with very low noise levels, industrial ovens, with exclusive energy efficiency technology, and with the pizza dough opener, matching the final result to a manually opened pizza dough, among other unpublished products.




Provide immediate solutions for the food processing, which facilitate the people's life, providing means to obtain greater comfort, income, hygiene and mainly safety to its users, thus achieving total customer satisfaction.


Be the largest and best company, as well as market the largest mix of food processing products.

Values ​​and principles

Always obey the laws and regulations applicable to our business and our company.

Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all activities and relationships of our company.

Stimulate an environment where there are fair labor practices for all the employees of the diverse community that makes up our company. Always create a safe workplace, always protecting the environment.

Through leadership at all levels, disseminate a culture in which ethical conduct is recognized, valued and used as an example by all employees. Avoid all conflicts of interest between work and personal matters.