International Day of Carrot
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International Day of Carrot

Carrot - This root vegetable is full of vitamins and nutrients, while being tasty as well!

To celebrate the International Carrot Day make sure that carrots are featured in your meals throughout the day! Start it with a couple of carrot-apple breakfast muffins. Then take along a bag of baby carrots with a bit of ranch dressing for a snack throughout the day.

This vegetable is not only highly affordable with a long shelf life, but is also exceedingly beneficial for our health. Whether they’re brightening our winter soups or complimenting the cream cheese icing in our cakes, carrots are always a welcome guest on any plate.


History of international carrot day

Research of this popular root has revealed that it likely finds its origins in Central Asia. International Carrot Day, itself, was established in 2003 and it has spread throughout the world to all the places the carrot is known. Celebrations now have been reported to occur in France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Japan, and the U.K.

Carrots can grow in many diverse conditions, and they typically come into harvest in the summer and fall seasons of their growth sites.

Carrots are among the few vegetables that are harvested primarily for their roots, rather than their sprouts. Joining them are potatoes, turnips, radishes, and beets. The traditional carrot’s hue is a deep orange with yellow undertones, but there are many different variations in color harvested worldwide, including purple, red, and pale yellow iterations.

Subsistence Farming

In Great Britan, recipes for carrot puddings started to appear in books during the 18th and 19th century. The use of carrots in desserts, resurged during the second World War, as the sugar supplies became scarce. Raw roots such as carrot, potatoes, beet, parsnip and turnip became an alternative for sugar.

During WWII, many citizens began to learn different methods for preparing the carrots grown in their home gardens.

From that era also comes a widespread myth stating it can improve our eyesight, helping us see in the dark. This is, however, just a myth.


Image courtesy of the World Carrot Museum


Sweet or salty carrots?

Due to the carrot’s longevity when stored in the refrigerator, it often makes appearances in dishes for all seasons, from spring to autumn to winter. Carrots are also among the vegetables that can be eaten raw and fresh, with only a little scrub under cool water as preparation.

Carrots are the foundation of many meals, from sweet treat in carrot cake and candies, to salty recipe versions, appearing in meat stews or as a savory accompaniment to salmon and chicken.

To help you in today’s pursuit to celebrate carrot day, we have selected some of our most used products for carrot recipes! Bear those products below in mind today!

Our top 5 products suitable for processing carrots (click the product name to reveal product)

1) PA-7 Food Processor

Our food processor is able to process various kinds of vegetables, including carrots, in a variety of shapes. Here are some of our equipment cuts we have selected for today’s carrot celebration:

Slicer 1 mm  /  Slicer 3 mm

Grater Z3

Julienne H3

2) CSE – Centrifugal Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel, With Safety System

The second on our list is the Centrifugal Juice Extractor, responsible for turning this beloved veggie into a healthy juice! Simply place the carrot in it, and juice comes out ready from one side of the equipment, while the other side expels the veggie waste!
Suitable for fruits and vegetables.

3) DB-10 - Potato Peeler, With Door, Stainless Steel, 10 kg

Another great and incredible way to celebrate this veggie, is creating "baby-cut" carrots. You may take fully grown carrots and cut them to a smaller size and then add them to our Potato Peeler equipment. It will work its magic turning the cropped carrots into baby-looking carrots!

*must be placed in the equipment only after cut into smaller pieces. The equipment does not support whole carrots to be processed.

4) LAR-15LMB - Commercial Tilting Blender, Stainless Steel and Seamless Cup, 15 Liters

Maybe the most popular recipe with carrots is the carrot cake, or carrot pudding. To help maximizing this cake recipe, our 15 liters blender will get the job done! This blender is made for big volume recipes and its tilting cup allows an easy discharge of processed food.

5) Maxiconv SV / VP - Electric Convection Turbo Oven, Compact, Without Steam, With 4 Trays 35x35 cm

Just bake it! Lastly but not less important, one of our best baking solution is our powerful Convection Turbo Oven, MAXICONV. Take your cake to Maxiconv, bake it, add your toppings, and have your carrot cake party ready!

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