Stone Deck Pizza Oven: Why should your business enjoy the advantages of this Equipment?
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Stone Deck Pizza Oven: Why should your business enjoy the advantages of this Equipment?

Pizza has left the realms of Italian cuisine to become worldwide star decades ago. It is now a meal commonly found in every corner of the planet, savored by millions of people. To be able to produce and serve a quality, delicious pizza can mean success and profit for business all over the world. The pizza business represents a big slice (pun intended!) of the global foodservice market and having the right techniques and tools to actuate will definitely dictate the difference between victory and defeat.

The Pizza business is also extremely competitive, therefore, all solutions that can grant competitive advantages to players will add that extra difference that can conquer Clients and deem them loyal to your brand.

Quality, flavor and agility in serving are cornerstones of the pizza business, based on these we prepared the article below so you can familiarize yourself with SKYMSEN’s Stone Deck Pizza Oven. Good Reading !


1# SKYMSEN Quality

SKYMSEN’s Digital Stone Deck Oven was developed for Pizza Business that seek to standardize results, be faster and more economical. Compact and portable, the FLP-400D is a professional grade quality oven; it has a high performance thermal insulation composed of ceramic fiber, which keeps the heat inside. The Stone Deck system reaches high temperatures, which makes it ideal to bake a pizza in a fast and evenly way. The FLP-400D is equipped with an independent temperature control, both for the gratin and for the stone deck, this allows the operator do have total control of the baking process. SKYMSEN’s Stone Deck Oven is manufactured in stainless steel and can bake one pizza with 40 Cm of diameter at a time.


2# Precision and Agility when baking pizzas

If your Pizza business is seeking for agility and speed when serving, search no more! SKYMSEN’s Stone Deck Oven is the perfect tool to give you that competitive advantage and place you ahead of your competitors. The FLP-400D is equipped with a digital control panel and an easy reading timer, it has a stone deck made of Cordierita, which grants a professional result and is able to operate with impressive 450°C of temperature. This allows the oven to produce a perfect and evenly baked pizza in about 3 minutes, reaching an equal or sometimes superior result to a traditional Wood oven.


3# Great Freedom in Big and Small Spaces

Because it is a compact Equipment, and because it can be stacked up to three units, SKYMSEN’s Stone Deck oven is a perfect option that can offer Solutions to different types and sizes of business. It can be used by Restaurants, Pizzerias, Pizza Deliveries, Food Trucks, Bakeries, Supermarkets, Hotels, Convenience Stores, Pizza Slice Kiosks and others always with a professional and high quality result.

These are some of the Competitive Advantages that SKYMSEN’s Digital Stone Deck Pizza Oven model FLP-400D will provide to your business. Now that you know, contact your SKYMSEN Dealer/Distributor and make sure you get yours asap!


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